How My Easy Ticket Works For Customers

15 Sep 2022 11:20 PM

How My Easy Ticket Works For Customers

Right from the home page, individual users have the opportunity to search for events they are interested in, based on categories, location, and area of interest. Much more, they can browse through, view, and buy tickets for top-selling and various upcoming events. Even better just get tickets for free events. allows event owners to also post teaser videos of their events, making it possible for users like you to view event trailers to help build expectations.


Users can also be prompted to use the platform based on event awareness created by Event planners, usually through an event-specific link pointing to their posted event on


Users can also become Organizers by clicking on the Become an Organizer button after successfully registering as a user on the platform.



- Get the event venue Google map direction right from the platform

- See all event dates, register for repetitive events, and get all the tickets at the same time. You are required to login

- Share events on social media

- Your ticket is always available to be downloaded on the platform for access to offline events.

- Access to event-specific info and details can also be provided. Zoom link and venue details for private events.

- You can also cancel an event in cases where the event organizer activates booking cancellation